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The Mill District Alliance Welcomes You!

Columbia’s Mill District, continues to evolve as a great place to live and visit! The three villages that comprise the Mill District - Granby, Olympia, and Whaley - are recognized as part of the National Register of Historic Districts, celebrated for their distinctive architecture, urban design, and history. Established in 1897, the villages offer a walkable streetscape, mature tree canopy, neighborhood parks, and ready access to the Congaree River and downtown. The Mill District is a generationally diverse neighborhood of activists, artists, tradespeople, professionals, public servants, service workers, and students who enjoy the villages’ character and the convenience of downtown living.

Welcome to Mill District

Representing the village neighborhoods of Granby, Olympia, and Whaley, the Mill District Alliance has formed to guide and advocate for the implementation of the Capital City Mill District and Assembly Street Corridor Plan. We are focused on advocating for the district’s historic character, our natural environment and maintaining an affordable housing market while also proactively addressing the impact of growth and development of the Assembly Street Corridor on our community.

It is in that spirit of activism, community, conservation, preservation, and creativity that we invite you to learn more about living, working, playing & making history in Columbia’s Mill District, where diversity is celebrated.

The Capital City Mill District Area and Corridor Plan, is a product of broad community input and research that provides a plan adopted by both the City of Columbia and Richland County, for current and future development. It is available for review at capital city mill district area and corridor plan.